Is it worth retaking a class over the summer?

Hello! I am a sophomore undergraduate student and for my third semester, my GPA didn’t go down so much but it is really getting me worried about not reaching medical school requirements.
My first semester my overall GPA was 3.518, second semester it was 3.580, and then this past third semester it came out to a 3.387. I understand that it was there was a global pandemic and that many students’ grades may have gone down but I don’t want this to be looked as not an excuse. So, I don’t know if this is a horrible GPA and out of the classes that I took this past semester, Gen Chem was my worst with a B- in the class this semester. Would it be so bad to retake it in the summer at a state college? (I go to a private school)
Thank you.

Do not retake anything above a C.

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Agree about not retaking anything above a C. Also, I heard from a friend that if one wants to retake a class in which they earned a C or B to get an A, med schools prefer that one takes upper division science courses instead.