Is someone making a list yet?

MSU COM called as I was returning from Indy (interview there!) yesterday (I had just pulled into the driveway) with news that I have been accepted to medical school!
Me. Child from Roseville of parents with only High School education and for whom only secretarial work or nursing is supposed to be possible. Mother of 3. Graduate from the Ala-carte menu of heretofore unknown colleges and universities. All prereqs from CC, BA from a degree completion satellite school.
I never got around to adding myself to the list of interviews (MWCCOM, MSUCOM, IN, LECOM, AZCOM)!
My husband has verified this did not happen in the middle of the night and that I was not dreaming.
I have no other comments, because I am speechless.

Congratulations! That's wonderful news. Keep it up.

WHEE-HOO, Wendy!!!

Congratulations!! Now sit back and enjoy the clouds (you are floating amongst the clouds, are you not?)! biggrin.gif

That is just fantastic news Wendy!!! biggrin.gif Efex started a thread for the class of 2008 on the Applying forum. Make sure to add yourself!

Yay Wendy!!! Congrats!

Go Wendy!!! Congratulations!!!

It’s time for the HAPPY SNOOPY DANCE!!