Is this clinical?

I am somewhat of a non-trad and I’m applying this upcoming cycle. I’ve asked a bunch of people the same question and cannot get a straight answer. Ok so I have also been a caregiver/cna for about 150 hrs but I just started doing that back in December due to covid unfortunately and Im applying this cycle. BUT one of my main reasons for wanting to be a physician revolves around a job I had for over two years at an alternative health club. Basically individuals would come in either referred by their doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, etc, and we offered treatment such as compression therapy and cold therapy to relieve individuals pain as an alternative form of pain management. I was a manager at this place for over 3000 hours of experience and interacted with individuals on a daily basis that had conditions such as arthritis and sports related injuries. The problem I’m running into is that we were not run by a physician. I talk extensively about this experience in my personal statement, but I know this is kind of a unique and weird experience that is hard to classify. I don’t want to push it as clinical since I wasn’t working under a doctor, but it has been much more meaningful than any other shadowing or clinical experience than i have ever had. If anyone can give me some good advice I would sincerely appreciate it.