Is this real?

So, I’ve just finished my first semester back in school, on the journey to doctorhood.

For some strange and unknown reason, I seriously doubted myself when I first embarked on this long journey. But, tonight, it feels like I have defeated everything and am on my way. I am leaving behind a perfectly good job for a company in which I was slated to take over within five years. I’ve succumbed to moving back in with the folks, mind you, who have been wonderful in giving me SPACE, to begin this journey. I’ve never felt so great in the sense that I CAN accomplish this rather large task of overcoming my subpar uGPA (~3.0) to get into medical schools.

I’ve been asked several times…why are you giving up everything for something like becoming a doctor? Why spend the time becoming a doctor when you can do wonderful things here? In any job? Why waste the money? Why? Why? WHY?

Why may you ask? Because this is what I was set out to do. I was deterred by personal growth while in undergrad and now is the time. I’ve just 4.0’d GChem I and GPhysics I by working my tail off and I never thought I’d be able to do that. I will become a doctor someday. I promise you that. Is this real? By golly, it took a whole semester to realize, it is.

If I can do it, so can you.

Awesome!! See it is doable right! I was deterred by an advisor in my pre-med years that said i’d be a bio teacher b/c i wasn’t getting into med school with my grades. 4 yrs after undergrad and after grad school- I started last summer with the same thought- “Is there any way in _ _ _ _ that I can do this?!” but so far I’ve 4.0’d Gen Chem I and II, Bio I, II, and Organic Chem I and II. physics is the next step so we’ll see what we’re made of there. I have heard that alot of premeds struggle with that course. You are on the right path and know that you aren’t alone there are TONS of us out here that are going after this and it’s amazing to see the progress that we make. keep it up!

Big smiles for both of you. Keep at it

what is your AIM screen name. i am drunk. i promise you more drunken e-conversation than you may be prepared to handle. the end.

Well, I know my post is for real. Is yours?