HI everyone, just a thought I wanted to run by you to see if this is do-able.
Is it possible to take Organic I in the spring semester, followed by the MCAT in August, and then take Organic II in the Fall that you are applying? I would be taking the MCAT WITHOUT taking ochem II–and pushing the MCAT to August. August scores don’t come back for a while anyway–(maybe not too long before ochem final grades would come out in late December) so couldn’t someone potentially wait a little longer to apply to med schools and still have a shot for the following years admission??? Just a thought. Is this possible?? Has anyone ever done this??

I wouldn’t suggest doing that. OChem II is even more complicated than part I and I doubt a review course is going to give you what you need. IMHO>

There are at least two distinct parts to your question.
first, is it possible to take the MCAT without taking O-chem II? Yes, it’s possible but it is not a very good idea. As Kathy has said, O-Chem II has the complexities and nuances that are going to trip you up on the MCAT if you’re not familiar with them. There are people who have done it and I’m sure there are a few fortunate people who’ve done OK despite the lack of background. But it’s really not a good idea.
Second question, is it possible to apply really late in the year, after you get your August MCAT score back, and still get in? Yes, it is possible. But you are stacking the deck against yourself when you do this. Most schools operate on a rolling admissions schedule, and the later it gets, the less likely they are going to have a lot of slots open in the class. Of course there are people who’ve gotten in with late apps - but it is certainly not the way to maximize your chances of success.
You are proposing not one, but two, huge impediments to your chances of making a successful application. Why? The most likely result is to have to repeat the application process, and the MCAT. (shudder) You really don’t want to do that - all in all, I think everyone agrees that a strong application is worth putting an extra year’s worth of preparation into. Two MCATs and two application cycles is more than twice the amount of pain, I am sure.

for a contrary point of view: I did more or less exactly that. In fact, as I recall now, I had neither O-chem 1 or 2 done at the time of august Mcat. It sort of depends on how strong you feel your chemistry is otherwise. I do come from a strong chem background though mostly Inorganic.
The organic chem portion of my MCAT was the weakest of the 3 scored sections but I kind of made it up on the others for an overall strong score. I also waited until after recieving results in October to start applying, and did get caught on the rolling admissions somewhat, but did get in.
Is it better to follow Mary’s advise? yes. But is it possible to get through otherwise? YES!

Steve’s right, of course, 'cause he did it successfully! Philosophically speaking, a larger question here is, “How much uncertainty are you comfortable with?” Having been hanging around with pre-meds for lo, these many years now, I can safely say that most of us are control freaks, and I do say that with all due respect and affection and would put myself up there pretty high on the control freak continuum, actually.
So if you are trying to maximize your chances and leave as little as possible to chance, you aren’t likely to be comfortable with taking o-chem late, applying in October, etc. On the other hand if you’re one of those very fortunate people who is able to go with the flow, then it may work for you. I would definitely need a sphincerotomy before that approach would work for me.

Thanks everyone for the replies!! I asppreciate having others’ perspectives on these things!!