iTrinity College (Dublin) SOM

Does anyone know anything useful about the Trinity College SOM in Dublin? (Quality, international student experience, application process, etc).

A distant friend of the family attended (American), and apparently loved the experience. However, nosing around online I’ve seen some pretty terrible feedback on forums regarding the teaching at TCDSOM.

Re: applications, I’ve gotten some mixed information on what test scores are needed, GPA (they don’t have em over there).

Thanks everyone! And good luck with exams!

I dont have info on Trinity College Dublin as a student. I would suggest that you add its residency placement rate/history, particularly if you want to come back to the US. I would assume that it is decent as it seems like a full-blown British university

Also, dont get this school confused with the Trinity Medical School on the Island of St. Vincents; I would guess that some postings on forums sites may have mixed the the two

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve reached out to their international office and am looking into it. I’ll post information here when I get it.