It's almost over! and question for Texas residents

It’s almost over! 1 month left! I can’t wait for this semester to be over May 1st.It’s been a very exhausting semester, work-school-sleep-work-sc hool-sleep uggh!. I’m not sure how those of you with children survive. I studied more than i did for my MBA. Summer registration is now open. Just registered for Gen Chem II and Lab, after taking Gen Chem I and Physics I both with labs, i now understand it’s more important that i understand the contents to prepare better for MCAT and achieve high grades than try to rush through the pre-reqs. I’m pushing Physics II to the Fall semester, with Org I and Lab. Then Take Org II with Lab and physics Lab, just so i have time to prepare for the MCAT.

I’m considering moving to Texas. I understand to qualify for in-state tuition you have to be a resident for a minimum of 1 year ( I read this on one of the Texas Universities website. I just need clarification on when the decision is made about in-state tuition. Is it based on the date i apply to a school or is it based on the date the school accepts my application, or is it based the date i start school?

So for example if i were to move to Texas in the fall, do i still meet the 1 year if i apply fall of the following year. I plan to apply to Texas Med schools only. Dateline for apps are Oct 1st.

I’m trying to take as much pre-reqs before relocating.

All you need is probably here: ncy…

THANK YOU! for the link. Answers to all my questions

Alexis, you’ve got that right. It will be close to useless to “binge and purge” all the material every semester. Learning the material–really getting a grasp of the concepts presented–will pay huge dividends come MCAT-time.