It's been 3.5 hours and I'm already sick of waiting.

Really. I just took the MCAT and I think that I scored about a 10…evil, evil exam.

I took it almost a month ago and I’m still at least 5 days away from getting my score, so trust me when I say that after a couple of days it gets easier. The best advice I can give you is to avoid going over specific answers you think you might have gotten wrong…no good can come from that, and it’s a long wait.

I took it today, too. I considered looking up a couple of things when I got home, but decided it didn’t make any sense to do so.

I’ve given up guessing my score - one of the best practice exams I did was the one that left me feeling sick to my stomach about having run out of time and just filling in the blanks for about 10 questions…only time will tell, and it won’t be hurried. It’s done, and now we wait. At least I have a long weekend away w/ my husband to look forward to as we celebrate our 17th anniversary (and being DONE with the test, no matter the result).

Good luck!



Thanks! I made the mistake of looking up an answer that I changed in the BS section. Stupid mistake. I decided that I will NOT look up any more.

Congrats on your 17 years of marriage, and good luck to you as well!!

I think this post on SDN sums up the post-MCAT emotional timeline nicely:

click here.

LOVE it. I’m so glad I’m not the only one.

Get my scores back on Wednesday. Don’t EVEN wanna know.

CONGRATULATIONS on the victory of simply getting it done, guys! I’m proud of each of you for hanging in there and getting the finish line.

The waiting does get easier, I agree. Now that the actual ‘reveal’ is only days away, I find myself starting to worry again…but the in between time was nice, actually.

The whole “I think I scored about a 10” comment made me laugh out loud… You guys are going to do great!!