It's been a while but...I'M BACK!!!

Hello Fello OPM’ers!!!
Like I said in the post subject, it’s been a while but, I;m back!!! For those of you who don;t know me, my name is Kimberly Adams and, I took a detour off the pre-med road map to get my mind clear and to basically prepare for the long haul of getting into medical school. Along the way, I decided to pursue a AAS degree in Respiratory Therapy as several of our illustrious leaders have(Old Man Dave and Nat) and, I must admit, I think it’s the best decision I could have made. It may delay my med school app a couple of years but, the experience gained has been invaluable!!! I will graduate in May, 2005 and have already accepted an RT position at Rochester General Hospital in Rochester, NY. I had planned to move there anyway to be closer to my partner as well as finish my Undergrad studies at RIT and apply to U of Rochester Med School(and others!!!). Even though I haven’t posted in “many a blue moon”, my thoughts have been with OPM. I have been blessed to forge some lasting friendships with members of this organization and, when things have been rough for me, I could always remember a word of advice given to me or how someone else conquered the same obstacle and, those things have gotten me through trying times in this journey. I hope that I am able to post with a little more regularity now that most of my tough classes are behind me…
To all of those out there pondering on whether joining OPM os right for you…believe me, if you are serious about wanting to be a physician and need the support, guidance, and love this group can give then…WELCOME ABOARD!!!
Missed you guys and, it’s really good to be back!!!
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“You are exactly who and whwer you need to be, with all of the power you need to take your next steps forward”
-Susan L. Taylor

Welcome back Kimberly! It’s great to hear from you

WOW, long time no word!! glad to hear you’re moving forward and things are working out for you. Glad to have you back online.

Hey Kim,
No doubt about it, I am happy to have you back. Looking foward to getting together in the Cleveland area.

Welcome Back! I’ve been away awhile too.