It's been an all consuming month!

Hi, I’ve been cleaning and working and cleaning. Trying to get
rid of 8 years of CRAP that I have to because I will only
keep a few things at my sister-in-law’s house. All I think is WOW, I need to sell my house, 2 cars, clean up any credit problems, get a loan, finish my volunteerism in the BSA and get plane tickets to England. Then once in England find a rental,buy a car and household stuff for me and my family.
I have until the end of July! It seems like tomorrow!
Well anyway it can be done, I think. Bill

TRUST ME on this: before you do ANYTHING, make sure that credit is clean. Even if you have a co-signer, you also have to be “credit worthy”. Even with a recently paid off car loan and open credit accounts in good standing after my 6 1/2 year old bankruptcy, I was not eligible!

Mom is here and I’m so stressed. The credit reporting agencies are run by rude people who could care less about you and the false statements in your file. I’m lucky to have a mother in law who can help me with the money I need to pay for school but I want to get a loan. Mom is helping with getting our house ready to sell so we can leave for England on Aug 11th without a house to sell. New paint, new stove, new nick naks, new this new that, so much to throw away, so much to give a way, so little to keep, you get the picture. Well thanx for reading.