Job Hunting...

Thanks for all the answers in my previous thread. You are all a big help.

I am currently in the market for a new job. I am wondering what would be the best job to look for to help facilitate the ultimate goal of becoming a physician.

It’s difficult to say without knowing what your qualifications are - there probably isn’t any “best job”. If you are wanting to get a hospital-based job that will help familiarize you with medical terms, a hospital unit secretary position might be helpful. In some areas, that position doubles as a tech for the floor. I’m not saying it will give you extra points in the interviews, but it would give you more to talk about regarding your interest in medicine - almost anything that throws you into contact with doctors and patients will do that.


As Kate said, anything that puts you with patient and doctor contact will be helpful.

You can also look at some paid internship position for medical or community related research projects, if you have that background.

Unlike everyone else, I would tend to mention teaching. It is a great job I think because it is very flexible. If you are like me, have kids, take pre-reqs and must pay bills, flexibility is key and it is my first priority.

I also know that school I want to go to, ask candidates if they are interested in one of the following:

1- set a family practice in a underserved area

2- do research

3- teach (I suppose medical and science students).

Although I can’t speak for all schools, my top choice takes into consideration your personal preferences (not sure what weigh is given to the above preference, but why ask if it is not considered?).

Now I am not saying that teaching will help in terms of medical exposure. But I did many years of biomedical research (at a medical school). I have had no patient interactions (other than via shadowing).

Teaching is great. It is flexible, the pay is decent (I am surely not getting any richer, but we manage to pay bills and I am avoiding loans so far).

It is the option that I believe is best in my case and plus I enjoy teaching, which is very important as well (ask my dentist colleague who was fed up with practice and who now teaches anatomy and physiology).

Honestly in this economy, getting any job is a good thing … I was laid of for 1.5 years and found the job search (at least in my field of writing/editing) incredibly frustrating. I’m in school now and not looking for a job anymore, but I’d bear the economy in mind too in this process. I don’t say that to be a downer, just to be realistic. So if you see an opportunity that you’re qualified for … take it. (In my opinion.)

Also – think about income. How much money do you need to make to live on right now? How much are you used to living on? The jobs Kate mentioned (entry-level hospital jobs) probably don’t pay much. I’m not saying don’t go for those, just take into account whether they would pay enough for you to pay rent/mortgage and bills, support your family (if you have one), etc. If you can’t get a job in the medical field, you can do volunteering and shadowing, which will also get you good experience in the field as well. In fact, even if you DO work in the medical field, you should be volunteering/shadowing, as these are very different from working as an entry-level tech or secretary.

Good luck to you! I know it’s tough out there.

Redo - That is a good option! I have been thinking of tutoring: I am very good with kids. Kids can be very exhausting though! I will also look at TA positions at the school. I am looking to have flexibility with “cover-my-expenses” job.

Thanks for the idea.