Joe's Rule of Tears


The Rule of Tears says: follow what brings a rush of emotion to you, perhaps not totally explainable why it makes you feel this way–something that brings tears to your eyes.

I just want to thank you for so eloquently putting this rule into words.
I knew that becoming a DO was right for me last year when I imagined myself at my whitecoat ceremony with my husband and children in the crowd watching me walking up to get my coat.
Damn, I’m getting teary even as I type this…
There have been other comparable moments in my life but nothing career-related. THIS is my calling, I am sure…and the rule of tears helped me to realize this!

I’m glad you posted Joe’s Rule of Tears because I have never seen it before. Anyway, your timing is perfect because last night I was lying in bed thinking about once I’m accepted into medical school and attend the white coat ceremony, how proud my husband and children would be. Before I knew it, the tears were flowing like a river. Heck, I’m crying right now.
I have a long road ahead of me before I can apply but I’ll never forget the day (January 4, 2001 to be exact), I met with my premed advisor (whom I had not met before) and he encouraged me to follow my heart and never give up. I don’t believe I have ever cried so much in front of a stranger. At that moment, I knew for sure I wanted to be a doctor.

I love it. I’m happy to say I am following that rule!