June 2022 or June 2023

Hey everyone,

I graduated from College in Spring 2020. I am currently waiting to hear back from my interview from a high ranked post bac, and have another interview lined up for another program. I’ve learned through Dr Grays videos that a DIY post bac is not necessarily bad. I went to an extremely rigorous undergrad and dealt with some chronic health issues but came out on top with a 3.4 gpa and a mostly upward trend. I didn’t take any science classes.

In case I don’t end up attending one of these post bacc programs, I’ve registered and scheduled a potential DIY post bac at my community college— and I should be finished with my pre-reqs and 1-2 higher level courses by May 2022. I don’t have any clinical experience, but have other interesting experiences (I’m a community organizer). I’ll be trying to take up some shadowing work and volunteer experience between now and May 2022. I’m also hoping, if I’m ready, to take an MCAT then and start studying the end of the summer when I’ll have had 4-5 pre Reqs done thru the DIY.

I wanted to ask everyone , and Dr. Gray, would I be rushing it by trying to apply by June 2022? My gut says yes— because it would look like I jumped into my experiences for clinical and shadowing work to demonstrate interest right before application season. Alternatively, I have an interest in pursuing an MPH (I would love to do a dual degree with an MD) or an advanced post bacc to have additional course work at a 4 year university/ another year of clinical and volunteer experience. This alternative timeline would be 2023 application year.

I’m currently 24, so would like to get in sooner than later, but don’t want to rush it. I would rather apply when ready so I can get into a program where I live (in the Philly area). I’m wondering what you all think (I know I’ll have to feel it out by December / January, but am just curious for your thoughts!)

Thank you all for this forum and Dr. Gray, it’s made this journey as a low income first gen student much more accessible to me, and I am deeply appreciative. Good luck everyone!

I also work a full time job right now that I would let go to do this path and volunteer. I’d work part time on the weekends else where. I’m currently a death row paralegal— it’s actually part of why I got into medicine! Again, any insight is appreciated :call_me_hand:t4::pray:t4: