Just a reminder

Today I took a moment to reflect (I was wearing a pink shirt to which mirrors had been affixed) and thought about where I am. Here is what I learned:
1. I am where I am because I will eventually be somewhere else.
2. Everybody loves a come-back story.
3. As thin as it is, evem a pancake has two sides.
4. Drink more beer.
5. Loose underwear can go a long way toward making you happier.
6. It's just chemistry.
7. Strep pyogenes must serve some useful purpose.
8. Last semester I didn't even know what Strep pyogenes was.
That's pretty much it. I'm finished reflecting now.
Over and out.

Ash, I concur…and yet need to interject the following nuggets of intuition and things-learned-along-the-way:
1. Chocolate is a vitamin.
2. Peer-reviewed research comparing dunkers to non-dunkers will someday definitively conclude that the dunkers are happier, better adjusted, healthier, et al. than the non-dunkers. No further research will be warranted on this subject.
3. Drink more water…(dunk your cookies in milk, coffee, or tea though).
4. Like mom said: wear clean underwear (not in case you’re hit by a car and get taken to the hospital, but just because…)
5. Don’t judge the depth of the well by the length of the handle on the pump. (My grandmother said this…she also swore loudly, in French, whenever she ran over her fingers with the sewing machine needle or her garters snapped…I loved that woman).
6. Notice the sunlight in your child’s hair…or your dog’s hair.
7. Wear sunscreen, moisturizer, bug repellent, contraceptives (PC: if that’s your choice), and anti-perspirant, as needed.
8. Chemistry is the squaredancing of molecules. Atoms change partners often. Ionic bonds are like dating; covalent bonds are like marriage.
9. a) Physics happens…it happens all the time, so don’t fall for the psyche-out…just do the problems and think. cool.gif Thinking might not be aerobic, but it is good exercise!
10. Everyone loves an underdog…and it’s a dog’s life! wink.gif
We’ll continue reflecting here as well as in DC…
…everyone please meet us for OPMs convention. So much info, food, fun people in one place at one time is worth every penny to get there!