Just seeking your advice/wisdom...

I was offered an interview for a job back in my hometown 4 hrs away. I felt very confident about getting a job at this hospital, working as a tech in the ER-a potentially cool experience. The shift is 7p-7a,something I always wanted to try out, and just three days a week. I’d have to work a part-time to make extra money to pay off some debts, and had that transfer opportunity lined up. I would finish out my chemistrys needed to finish out my MS Biology. Having my grandpa and aunt nearby, mom not too far away, old friends and the feeling of being at home, it felt like it would be perfect for the next year or so until I could start my studies again here. I’ve not particularly felt at home here, although I have a 99.9% chance of getting into the MS Biology and thus my reason for eventually returning. I didn’t know when I’d be offered an opportunity to interview for this job back at home, although I felt confident being I knew people who knew people that would give me a good reference. In the meantime, an opportunity arose here that would be a reason to stay because it could open up networking opportunities that could if not get me into that med school, at least be a good name to have on a resume when applying to others. Because of that process having moved faster than the one back at home, I’ve had to lean towards the one here because I have to go with what is more certain. However, I did recieve a call from home asking when I could come in to interview. I turned it down thinking staying would be best. I had this lucid happiness, but after a visit home last weekend as well as te reality sinking in of not going back, I’m not sure I’m so happy now. Being home last weekend, just to get away, visiting my aunt a few friends, was the most relaxed I’ve felt in a while. I rarely get to visit. Simply put, I miss being comfortable because I’m not at all close to anyone here. I feel like there’s no reason for me to return until time to begin the Grad program.

Excuse me for complaining. I was having a rough couple of days. Problem solved.

Glad to hear it! I have to admit that I read your post and seriously considered writing back, “Um, so what’s your question exactly?!” Good to know you worked it out.