Kahkeetsee in England

My prayers are with you, your family, and all England today. Just heard about the bombings in London. Let us know how you are when you get a chance.

I just heard the news while getting ready to leave for my rotations today, and I can only imagine what you all are going through. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted.

I echo the sentiments so far. Also, we have another OPM there as well, whuds (Bill). Both of you and your families, be safe!

Kathy and Bill,
We are all thinking of you, your families, and all others in England. Our prayers are with you all.

We are all fine, as are Bill and family. My labs are on Wednesdays (though not this week), which is good, as two of the four stations bombed are along the route I take to Kings College. The school is locked down today, and all students are showing ID to get in and out. We haven’t heard yet whether we will be going to lab next Wednesday or not. Commuters from outside London were asked to stay home today. Police presence is definitely increased, even 30 minutes away in Luton. For those of you who don’t know, Luton was one of the towns targeted for arrests last November for extremists. We stay home most of the time anyway, for financial reasons but of course, will be even more careful now. Thank you all for your concern. Join me in prayers for the families of those killed.

Okay, I made to London and back without incident yesterday, one day after the Luton station being closed down for the evening because they found the suspected bombers’ car parked here, where they apparently stayed overnight and caught the train into London. People are pretty laid back about it here though. No real uproar. No huge amount of medical coverage. I’m 4 days away from tests so my biggest stress right now is DNA transcription and replication and cranial nerves!!!