Kaplan Diagnostic

Okay. I guessed. A lot. VR did ok (9), but holy crap on bio; phys/chem did okay.

Realize: it’s been two years since I was in a science class and while it all seemed “familiar” I was puzzled and guessed…

grrr… won’t quit but gosh that was a swift kick to the gut!

I got smoked by the diagnostic as well. If you’re doing the course, you’ll probably not score that well on the first one or two full lengths too. It’s not a knock on you; you just won’t have seen all of the testable material until you finish the whole course. I think I got around a 22ish with TONs of guessing on my diagnostic, then baby stepped up from there. Post course, my practice full lengths ranged from about 28-36. Give it time to build.

Thanks, Kenny! I got worse than a 22 but on the ADHD meds that generally work, I felt “high”, dizzy, spacey, and unable to focus.

calling my doc tomorrow to ask about adjusting them… generally, Concerta works but today not. so. much.

Low on Kaplan Diagnostic is kind of normal. Don’t worry too much and disregard. Their point is to demonstrate to you that you need to take their class. Plus they have some policy or something like that that if you do less well on the MCAT than the diagnostic after taking their class, then they reimburse you. Hence, their tests are excruciatingly difficult. So don’t worry about.

Thanks, Redo!

I have taken a few of their flex classes online and the questions there, seem fairly straight forward; I get them generally correct.

Mole gen and biochem were first; every question I got right, even the tricky 5’ to 3’ question (which is the reverse of what people think).

I’m not in any shape to take the real test, but I feel a bit more confident I can get a good score if I keep up the work, studying, schedule they suggest and take / study the foundations and books.

Thank you again -