Kaplan Test Prep MCAT anywhere course ($1300 or best offer)

I have won a free Kaplan Test Prep MCAT course raffle. Since I don’t need the course, if anyone is interested to buy the course with great discount, please contact me. I hope I don’t need to waste the raffle. ($1300 or best offer) (The course worth $2099 value from Kaplan)

You pick the date you want to start the course and I’ll activate for you.

http://www.kaptest.com/MCAT/Prep-for-the-MCA T/Clas…

It includes all the books and materials plus the higher score guarantee offers from Kaplan.

Free bonus:

1 set of TBR review books

1 set of EK textbooks and 1001 workbooks

New Princeton review Verbal Workbook and Science Workbook

Kaplan teachers’ files

Audio Osmosis