I am looking into taking a Kaplan course. I have not completed Physics 2 and will probably will not be able to take it until after the MCAT. I will instead focus next semester to MCAT study, volunteering and shadowing

Question are … has anyone taken a kaplan course on-line? do you recommend it? Would you take it even if you were missing Phys2?

I would prefer to attend an actual classroom but I live 1.5hrs away from the nearest location.

I took the Kaplan course in the classroom and I did not find it all that useful. Their online resources are much better.

This is what you need to do next semester. I would dedicate 3 months to the MCAT. Think MCAT every day. When you get your textbooks from Kaplan, read them all twice(you can skip Verbal if you want). TWICE! You need to know the material in and out. Luckily for you, Kaplan does a good job at covering all the topics. If you don’t understand something, look it up online (Khan Academy is a good resource). As you are reading, you should be doing the problems at the end of each section. Keep doing problems. Kaplan has a lot of practice questions online so you need to take advantage of that. DO ALL THE PROBLEMS. The only way you can increase your scores is if you practice. Every week, do at least one practice MCAT exam. Gradually, your scores will increase.

You can do it. You’ve come too far to fail now.

Depending on your “knack” for this sort of thing, I would start by at least looking at a general content review for physics. ExamKrackers was my favorite by far (others disagree). I understand that taking Physics 2 is not possible for you now, but at least have a look at the stuff before diving in question-by-question. Good luck!