KCOM Interviews- Place to stay

…with my family!
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(And please give a few days warning- the bathroom is GROSS sometimes!)

A comprehensive list of hotels in Kirksville…
Good luck! Here’s hoping that I get a call from them sometime soon.

Thats a great offer. Its a shame the schools don’t offer some sort of formal support for the student, I guess there are too many of them. My husband was thinking of how nice it’d be if the incoming students were picked up by current students, and possibly setting up something like that at St. Chris. Can you imagine juggling, kids, two pieces of luggage apiece, carry-ons, renting a vehicle, navigating London traffic, and all with a right-handed driving car!?! We’re going nuts trying to get everything together!!!

LMAO! “COMPREHENSIVE list of hotels in K-ville”!!! Whew! Are BOTH of them on the list? Don’t get me wrong, loved the town…but a comprehensive list is a smidgen misleading. The school is superb & the town is like living in Mayberry. However, there are not too many hotels there. In fact, if you’re from a “city”, expect some cultural adjustments.

Har, har!
My basement (fully furnished and with it’s own bathroom!) should be on the list.

For a tiny town, there are a surprising number of good places to eat. Now, having come from Dallas - 2nd only to NYC in number of high-end restaurants - it seemes paltry when we arrived, but we certainly became quite enamored with a few of them.
Best burgers: Bogey’s or Ailerons - Bogey’s is walking distance off of campus (underneath the KCOM water tower) & has a great deck to sit in the sun & sip a cold, adult beverage, which we did pretty often. Ailerons is on the south end of town, but worth the drive - all of 2 or 3 miles. Ailerons has a pretty good blueplate style menu too
Bar-B-Q: Woody’s - also has a great bar behind & underneath the restaurant & a great deck to drink upon…also a short walk from the school & made frequently by KCOM students.
Mexican (not Tex-Mex): El Vaquero - hands down! In the strip center immediately south of the cultural Mecca of the Super-WalMart…damned good margueritas too!
Nicer/up-scale in K-ville: Minn’s Cuisine - pretty damned impressive food - one of the best filets I’ve even had to date! To the locals, it is considered pricey, but if your from a larger city, then you will shocked at how excellent the food is & CHEAP! Appetizers, cocktails, wine, dinner for 2, dessert & tip - can easily escape for $60~$75…same meal in Dallas in a comparable restaurant would quickly exceed $125!
Upscale nearby: GasLamp (or maybe it was GasLight?) in downtown Macon, 30 miles to the south of K-ville, down Hwy 63. Same sort of deal as Minn’s above - great food for a surprisingly small sum. Steaks not as good as Minn’s, but every Friday evening was all-you-can-eat steamed crab legs. Mind you, being 12+ hours from the nearest saltwater, they are not as fresh as New England or PacNW, but they’re damned good! Let me tell you, my tiny, pettite wife can DESTROY a platefull of crablegs!!! I kid you not, she can out eat ME when it comes to crablegs! As you might guess, the journey to Macon on Friday evenings was a fairly common adventure for us.
Peartree: in Bevier (in MO-land, pronounced Be-vear & not the proper French Bev-e-ay), down 63 to Macon & 18? to the west for a few mile to the Bevier exit & then south again for a few miles to downtown Bevier - total of about 45 miles. More casual than either Minn’s or GasLamp, but great chow. Steaks better than the Lamp, but not as good as Minn’s. More “down home” style of chow…again, very good food for surprisingly inexpensive.
In K-ville, there’s also a newer place in the shopping strip across from the north branch of the Bank of K-ville. Been there 3 or 4 times. Even split on great food & not so great food. The bar is way cool & there are some sweet pool tables to rent.
OK - that is my summary!

Which reminds me, we got gift certificates for The Pear Tree in our orientation packets. Still haven’t used mine!