Keeping an eye on RVUCOM...

…and it looks like they’re doing alright! They scored COCA, and apparently they are looking into establishing a residency program in my favorite state - Wyoming!

I’m really glad they are there to give another option to live in the great state of CO for med school. Hopefully they keep building their reputation - I visited the area and the wife and I both love it. Next time I make it out that way I will actually schedule a tour of the campus, now that I have a better idea of what kind of schools I fit into.

As a side note, my long lived starbucks travel cup just sprang a leak - bad news for a coffee addict. Wow is this next final ever going to start? All this waiting is eating me up (my wife is 8 days past due with our little baby)!!!

Well Jfowler

I can’t speak to the school, but this is great to be a parent. Good luck on what is coming. This is just great stuff. Enjoy

I, too have my eye on RVU. I would love nothing more then to move to Colorado. However, I’m keeping my chances broad and applying everywhere known to man. I also have one reach school…just one!