Keeping your mind strong

I’m looking for suggestions on how to keep my mind and problem-solving skills strong while I eagerly await to reapply to med school. I graduated from college this last fall and now I feel like I need to do something to keep my mind sharp. Should I break out the old textbooks or maybe subscribe to a journal of some sort? Any suggestions?

crossword puzzles.

read, read, read – got for classics that are perhaps a notch above what you’d read for pleasure. “Reading the news” is too huge a topic for me, so I suggest picking one topic/geo area & read everything that cnn/christian science monitor/nytimes/wash post websites have to say about it. Analyze the reports you read as you learn the material. Or you can do the same with financial newspapers–pick the scandle du jour, and read & analyze. Also read the editorials in those papers (which will be on the hot topics) & pretend you’re having a converstation there.

What about learning a language? Spanish could be very useful for medical professionals. You could read medscape and try to decipher what they’re saying, that’s always fun. You could read book having to do with medicine. I just read The Boy Who Felt No Pain. It was about genetic disorders, fasinating.

Great suggestions, I’ll go to the library and dive into something interesting!