Lab part of the pre-requisites

I am taking advanced palcement tests for basic biology and chem courses. I do have some chem and one bio [plant science and microbiology] courses done in undergrad and physiology [with lab] in grad. I will probably take one upper division course in bio and chem with lab besides AP courses. Somehow I will try to fulfill the pre-reqs.
However what I am concerned about is how much of the lab knowledge is required when you go through med school.
Do they teach there whatever is required?
Could one manage courses there without much lab knowledge?
My background is engineering and I will never have as much knowledge in bio or chem as someone who majors in them.
Thanks for your response!

In regards to my med school exp, only minimal lab savvy was required & they taught 98% of that. However, the schools are ver set in those labs that are part of your pre-requisites…those cannot be blown off, despite the skills not being “needed” or beneficial.

generally speaking, I think med schools like to see that your prereqs were done by sitting in the seat receiving instruction, not just by passing exams (at least in the US).
have you confirmed with schools you are interested in that you can clear the 1 yr gchem, 1 yr ochem, 1 yr bio, 1 yr physics with “credit by exam” or “advanced placement” exams?
as far as labs - all of those prereqs are 1 year with lab - so you’ll need to take (or have taken) all of those labs as well.
can’t answer as far as med sch use of lab knowledge as I’m not in.

I agree with Lisa. Check the MSAR carefully because many schools make it very clear that you cannot test out of the pre-reqs. I couldn’t tell from your post if you are going to try to test out of the pre-reqs or try to get placement in an “advanced” class (kind of like a G&T version of the class) for the basic pre-reqs.
As for the amount of lab knowledge…all I had was that from my pre-reqs and it’s been fine. Besides gross anatomy lab, I didn’t spend any time doing traditional “lab” work like we were accustomed to in undergrad. I think one of the main purpose of the labs from undergrad is to provide a reference by which to understand other experiments or techniques when you read about them, at least that’s how it was for me.
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