Six secondaries down, a zillion more to go… When will I be able to start re-using some of these essays???

If you see that the topics are similar, there is no reason why you cannot re-use secondary essays for different schools. But I caution you to read every word, very carefully and out loud. You want to make sure that you do not forget the change or remove school names from the essay.

the last thing that the adcom from tufts wants to read is how you want to go to harvard.

I have done almost ten switz and have really only reused parts of them. I am getting the feeling that each question is different enough to make me say, “dang i’ll just write a new one.”

Yes, I think the problem is that when the question is “why our school?” I’m really looking to find something unique about each school. I can’t bring myself to comment on things like curriculum structure, patient exposure, etc. when, with a few exceptions, these things are pretty standard across the board. As gabelerman said, though, I did have the chance to include snippets/phrases from other essays, so I guess that helps. I’ve decided to put one on the back burner for now - really nothing stands out about the school, and it was sucking all my brain power. I had to move on. Seven down.

Would it be bad to talk about the location the school is in, such as whether it’s in a small town or big city and how that plays into your future goals? Just throwing random ideas out there, I’m still in processing

I talked about how I wanted to move back to Phoenix and practice around Indian Reservations in my app to AZCOM. So I would think as long as you weren’t “I like your school becuase you are next to the really nice shopping mall” you would be fine.

14 secondaries submitted for me so far. I’ve only been able to find a handful of questions where I can re-use material but even then I still have to tailor it.

Way to go, desert_shawn! I like the essays that have a small character limit. I don’t like a lot of fluff - short and to the point is my style. These longer essays are driving me crazy

I had a couple of schools that asked “why xxx school?” and I did talk about location as one of the reasons why I chose that school. I received interview invites from both.