Laptop decision

I ma going to buy a new laptop before the end of summer since all my physics homework is online and it is expected for class as well. Since I have an IPad, am wanting to “stay Apple” but not spend more than what I need to. Macbook Pro or MacAir? Thiness and lightness is not important to me, but handling Physics, gen chem and org chem - my next six courses, IS!!! Share with me your experience, strength, and hope in this area. BTW, will be my very first laptop and I am not super techie! : )

Keep in mind that Macbook Air doesn’t have an internal CD-rom, so you’d have to buy one if you were doing anything involving CD’s.

I’ve got the 13 inch Macbook Pro, I love it! Zero complaints!


I had online homework for Physics, Bio and Chem. I went ahead and bought the 13in mac book air and I ADORE it!!! For me the lightness was a selling point since I take public transport to and from classes and walk around quite a bit, but that isn’t the only reason I love this computer, I find it very user friendly : )

On another note, I don’t know how you feel about this but mine is a refurbished slightly older version purchased on the mac website (for about half the price they usually go for and I would totally recommend that to anyone!) I know lots of people hate macs but I for one am a fan!

Apple will be unveiling the next generation of MacBook Pros at their World Wide Developers Conference beginning June 11th. The new Pros are rumored to have a form factor similar to the MacBook Air, a high-res display and the latest Intel processor. If you can wait a couple weeks, you may want to hold off until you get a look at the new hotness.

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I also have the 13" macBook pro and love it! However some schools recommend or even require PC-based laptops, so keep that in mind. I know VCOM is requiring PCs for the incoming class.

MacBook Pro all the way!! You really can’t go wrong with a Mac. I think you could find advocates for both the Air and the Pro.

I myself prefer the sturdiness of a “heavier” laptop. For those of us that occasionally (albeit unintentionally) let the laptop slide off the arm of the couch and onto the hardwood floor, the hard aluminum body is invaluable.

I was in the library studying last year and put my MacBook Pro into my backpack to head out. As I was putting on the backpack, (you know…the backpack swing over your shoulder maneuver) I felt a sudden lurch and unusual lightness in my pack. It was at that moment that I noticed my MacBook Pro soaring through the air out of the corner of my eye. It seemed to happen in slow motion. After the obligatory, “Aaaaaargh!”, I rushed over to survey the damage. Fortunately, the only think injured was my pride. The three other people that were with me seemed rather amused with my idiocy.

Anyway, this is why God created zippers.

Long story short, this thing is pretty hardy. Additionally, Mac has excellent customer service and they have always gone out of their way to help whenever I’ve had an issue.

I second Dan - I think having a CD drive is still necessary, if weight is not a concern for you.

Also, definitely wait to see the new line unveiled this month. It’s a bummer to spend the money and see the new features just a few weeks later!