Lasik surgery and studying

I’ve been contemplating having Lasik surgery, but I’ve been wondering how that would work out once I’m in school with tons of reading. I have such bad eyes that it would be wonderful to be able to see without glasses. However, I would be trading one set of glasses for another. After surgery, I would be able to see far, so I throw away my thick glasses, but would now need reading glasses, yet thin, the ones you buy at the drug store.
Has anyone out there had Lasik surgery? If so, can you compare for me your experience with studying before and after? Would you still go through with it if you could do it all over again?

My dear wife gave me LASIK for my med school graduation present. Prior to surgery, I was legally blind w/o correction! Now, I can count the hairs on a fly’s butt across the room - R 20/15 & L 20/10! My prescription had gotten to the point I could no longer drive at night w/ glasses - only w/ my contacts in.
Studying post LASIK is so much easier. Actually, with LASIK, even w/ very very high prescriptions, the need for reading glasses is usually not immediate…depends on the script they scribe onto your cornea…like I said, mine was very hefty & I do not need reading glasses. I can focus down to about 6 inches; so reading is no problem…in fact, far fewer headaches than previous.

Hi there,

I have not had Lasik surgery but I have investigated the possibility. I am not very nearsighted but it would be great to throw away the contacts. At this point, I need reading glasses. Even if I have the Lasik surgery, I will still need to use glasses for reading. Even with my contacts, I use glasses for reading. My new prescription glasses are for bifocals or rather gradient focus lenses which I have not filled yet.

My guage for Lasik was when the opthomologists started getting Lasik. So far, none of my optho buddies has had the surgery so I will plug along with my little bifocals/contacts/reading glasses/loupes and make do with what I have. I can’t take the risk of losing depth perception or anything that might affect my sight at this point.

By the way, I wear a brand of contacts called CSI which are super thin and very comfortable. I have been able to stay in these for 48 hours straight. I can also nap in them comfortably though I do not sleep in contacts on purpose. It’s just that I often fall asleep over my books. (Must be my age)

Good luck and let us know what you decide

Natalie (OD -2.25 OS -2.00)

My vision was better than what Natalie posted and I had the surgery 5 years ago. This by far was the best money I spent!!! I wake up every day and I can see clearly. Sometimes when I’m very tired I see headlights a little blurry but not too often…Not enough to care anyway. As I said, it’s been 5 years and my vision was just tested at 20/15 in both eyes.

I had a PRK - photorefractive keratectomy - performed just over 8 years ago. It is a procedure somewhat similar to the lasik procedure, however it does not involve the creation of a corneal flap. I have absolutely no regrets and the restoration of my sight (I could not even see the eye chart, let alone the “big E” on it) was a true blessing. I have not experienced any problems with reading for hours at a time … and I no longer need glasses to find my glasses! In fact, I haven’t needed glasses at all, for that matter!

I’m jealous. I’m a poor candidate for correction because of my astigmatism and my very large pupils. I would be one of the lucky 5% who see halos around all the lights, for sure.
I’ve noticed that most of the eye surgeons themselves I’ve seen are still wearing glasses, though. Them grapes is sour anyway.


I can count the hairs on a fly’s butt across the room

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You will be simply amazed! Good luck to you!