Lazy or smart?

I am working full time. Last semester I took O-chem (no lab) and Biology 1 (with lab) and got A’s. In O-Chem, I got one of the lowest A’s, but it was an A. I was originally planning to take the second semester of O-chem (which includes TWO labs) with the second semester of Biology. As an aside, this requires me to take biology lab at night, missing my weekly dance class, in which I am pursuing a teaching certificate in my spare time.
My plan for next year is to take Physics I and II, which have one lab each. I am anticipating far less difficulty with Physics than with O-chem. It’s all trig and algebra and puzzles as far as I can tell, and I’m good at that. It has occurred to me just this very evening that it’s probably a lot smarter to take Bio with Physics than Bio with O-Chem.
Am I kidding myself? Or making a good call?

Hey there,
If you don’t feel like you’re overloading in general, it probably won’t make a huge difference. Personally, I was surprised at how hard physics was at times. I’m a math person too, so I expected to have an easier time with it. The concepts can be really difficult to grasp. General chem tends to be the class that’s more puzzle oriented–whereas physics can require a lot of derivations and well thought out solutions to lengthy problems. You might be glad to be taking physics on its own!
On the other hand, organic plus bio means a LOT of memorization. But if you felt ok in first semester orgo, then I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Second semester builds on the stuff you’ve just learned. I guess you could find out what the bio class covers–if it’s lots of physiology or taxonomy, it might be hard to do along with orgo.
Well, good luck! Congratulations on those nice grades, too.

Personally I’d take bio with physics. I’ve got orgo and physics together now and I’ve found physics (alg based) way, way easier than orgo. We’re allowed an index card for each exam and our prof gives us examples that are almost exactly like the exam so we really don’t have to work all that much, just find it on our note card. On the other hand I’ve heard that orgo II at our school is way harder than orgo I cuz it’s so much more synthesis and harder compounds. Plus 3 labs at once just doesn’t sound fun while working full time. I’d be spending hours writing lab reports lol.
Good luck!
–Jessica, UCCS

I dropped the class. I’m still not positive it’s the BEST POSSIBLE thing, but I’m PRETTY positive. Anyone who wants to drop by here and reassure me is more than welcome. My main reasoning was that having two labs for o-chem, as opposed to none last semester, would be a lot more work and my performance would be bound to suffer somewhere.
And if I HAVE the time in teh fall (which I do) and HAVE some aptitude for physics (which I took 20 years ago), why not rearrange things more sensibly?

Whatever works best for you
is always the right thing to do.

I think you did the right thing. Orgo lab is actually far more relevant to the subject matter, in my experience, than many other labs. You’ll learn a lot of cool stuff in lab and it’s good that your attention won’t be divided further.
Since you’ve got experience with physics, you’ll probably be fine. I tended to obsess over my lab reports, spending way too much time on them, but that was at least partly due to my initial discomfort with the material. Sounds like you’ve got a grasp on it and will be OK.

It is not a question of smart or lazy. Rather what feels right to you. I find often going with that “gut feeling” is the way to go. Now you can move forward and rock o chem and labs this semester and physics 1&2 next year.

Since you’re having the most problem with O Chem, it’s probably not best to skip a semester between O Chem I & II. It’s alot harder to get your head back around all those reactions if you’ve had a semester or two off.

Oh, there was never any chance I’d skip between semesters of OChem. I’m merely putting off the Biology, since the first semester was a cakewalk and the second semester doesn’t particularly build on the first.
Biology has been well and thoroughly dropped, and I’m feeling better and better about it. I’ll also have Monday nights free for practice teaching at dance class, something I’d like to continue as long as I can.
Thanks, everyone, for your support!