Learning incisions

When todays lecture started I thought “Oh no, more of the same”, meaning just topical review with a few new twists added in. Then he starts calling out incisional landmarks. I knew something was definitely different…he didn’t stop. THe information kept coming out of his mouth and I was about to yell STOP!!! When he called for a break. So on that break I googled and found this:
Surgical Tutoring
Should do wonders for you and I hope, wonders for me. You can download the graphics and add them to your own notes. I did since I is a visual learner…(I don’t read stuff very well) blink.gif
Asta la vista…

Cool website! Thanks for sharing. smile.gif

Looks great, time to explore a little.

Hey JP,
There aren’t that many incisions to learn but study those landmarks. You will be surprised to see how handy they will be when you start on the wards.
Natalie cool.gif

Hey Nat, how the heck are ya? I emailed and got no response I figured you were living in the OR. Anyway, It wasn’t the incisions only, it was all the tissue and examples he would bring up and stuff that killed me.
“Of course if you are cutting here you will find yourself potentially cutting thru the artery just below. And if you do so, your attedning physician will nt be wanting to help you get your licence and then the lawyers will be calling you instead. So know where you are cutting and how much.” Then he would go thru every single layer of tissue ad infinitum and so on. He just talks so fast and then throws in those lines that are funny at first, then you think…oh no, what if I… biggrin.gif
Anyway…thanks for the cheery notes.