leaving for a month

Hi guyz,
I haven’t been here for long, but I know I’m going to be missing OPM while I’m gone. Tonight I’m leaving to visit my folks in Poland. My husband is joining me in two weeks. On July 31st we’re having our church wedding + reception over there (we only had a small civil wedding here last year).
I will try to log in from time to time and at least read the posts, but I know how busy I usually get over there: visiting friends and family, and this time I’ll have lots of legal stuff to deal with, too.
Anyway - after that on August 3rd we’re going for our honey moon to England, Scotland and Ireland. I’m getting so excited. Especially that it’s going to be our last big trip for some time…(with all the school bills to pay).
I’m going to miss OPM and I’ll do my best to keep up to date

Have a fantastic visit with your parents. I know they will be very glad to see you. It sound as if you are going to have a wonderful honeymoon. Take care.

Have a great time. Enjoy yourself and have a great wedding ceremony!!!
I should have told everyone I was going to be gone for awhile. I have checked in from time to time. I will be gone again for a week and then home for good getting ready for school to start.
Isn’t it funny how even on vacations, we all seem to find time to stop in at OPM to see what is going on.
Have a great trip.