Letters of interest

I’m curious how many of you have sent these, and maybe a rough idea of what you put in them. I guess it does give you a chance to tell someone why you specifically want to go to a particular school…if the secondary doesn’t give you a chance to.

Is it standard practice to send these? Who did you send it to, the adcom, dean, other?

I’m not handling waiting very well. Especially since apparently, some schools never send you anything. I figure I can at least be doing something towards making something happen.

If you scroll to the bottom of Noshie’s MD Applicant Profile, she has samples of letters of interest. The whole profile is good reading and inspirational. Noshie’s MD Applicant Profile

That is helpful. Thanks.

I am assuming she emailed them to the admissions office. From the greeting and all.

I should probably do this. I just didn’t want to be a someone that just piles more work on their desks.