Life Course Change

Okay so here’s the story. I am currently a 21 year old student at one of the US Service Academies. I am one year short of a BS in Management. I have every intention of graduating and serving out at least my 5 year minimum. Unfortunately, in The Coast Guard we do not have a pre-med program, nor can we apply to the uniformed services medical school. I’ve become pretty well burnt out learning about business, and marketing, and finance and all that other garbage that frankly I am not interested in. Going into medicine has always been buried in the back of my mind but I start to really think about it until this spring. I decided i was sick of learning things i wasn’t interested in so I ponied up $1000 and enrolled in an EMT-B class. It was the first time that I’ve been excited to learn about anything even slightly academic in my entire life. I know an EMT class is certainly no comparison to pre-med or med school, but it showed me that its a topic i actually am interested in. My question is, how the hell do i go from a BS in management with only about a 2.5 GPA to a surgeon. Is it even possible?

A) What science pre-reqs have you taken, and what grades did you get in them?

B) Is the 2.5 GPA from a lack of ability or a lack of focus? (be 100% honest with yourself here)