Life throws curve balls


So my story 40 yr old. Want to do med now more than ever. 20 yrs ago poor school grades but really loved science especially biology. Serious family issues through high school(the probs related to my parent’s symptoms of terminal illness) dropped from A’s to C’s. During this time my Chemistry teacher also told me to give up on my dream of medicine as I would never make it.

Night before final exams in school at 18 parents had huge fight not unusual but worse than the norm. Poor grades. Then a few years later at uni 5 months before finals parent died.

Gave up on the dream. 15 years later after drifting for a few years, sales, business, travel, military. Managed to get into a speech pathology program. Really enjoyed the hospital observations, even volunteered in hospital. Didn’t enjoy the sp. I wanted to be more hands on. Dropped out went travelling. Indulged an ambition and got a MSc in Psych, scraped a distinction. Through sheer fluke got into a clin psych doctorate. Its good but I still want to go into medicine. Grades are average as worked full time to pay tuition as well as studying full time. Now have quite a bit of clin psych experience.

I realise now, my motives for medicine are now clear. They are to study the combination of the wonders of the bio, phys and chem of life and aswell as to decrease a person’s suffering. Really interested in the central nervous system and neurology. These have always been the driving forces but have not been as clear as they are now.

I’m going for it. Age is just a number, a state of mind. There are so many learning resources available now compared to 20 years ago. Internet has tutoring videos online, forums like this one, online books etc. Additionally the great thing with forums like this is the support and validation. Plus there are sooo many accreditted med schools around the world. So I am bound o get into one.

Exciting times!


Welcome to OPM! This is a wonderful resource, and I have found it to be a very welcoming community as well. I hope you find it to be the same.

Keep posting, and ask lots of questions!

Best wishes on your journey!


Your story has a lot of similarities to mine, right down to the interest in neurology! But add 10 years. Looks like I will be at UofL or UMDNJ in August. I really have to make a decision! There are lots of us here that have overcome mediocre grades. You can do it! Good luck!


Sorry for not replying earlier. I have a lot of difficulty accessing this site from Oz.