Little ol' me

Since I will be starting med school in September, I assume I should be posting my intro here? :cool:
I am 34, married twice, my current wife of twelve years and I have four children together. I graduate with a BS. I double majored in Chemistry and Biology.
Although I have had a long career in computers & networking (owned my own company), I was restless and not satisfied. I tried a variety of other jobs/fields from ditch digging to electrician, etc. All the while keeping the computer jobs moving along to pay bills. I had a lifelong dream of being a physician, but, it had gotten lost in time. When I re-discovered it, everything seemed to fall into place.
I worked full time and attended school full time to earn my degree. During that time (and now), my wife was/is a full time homemaker & home schooler. It was tough, but we managed and I graduated with honors. I took the MCAT once (hummed tunes most of the way through it to reduce stress) and got an ok (not stellar) score.
The first school to interview me was my first choice school. They accepted me and I withdrew applications at other schools. :D
I have shut down my computer company (finally!! :D ) and now work at my local hospital until I leave for school.
I went from a near high school drop out (very near) with a totally messed up childhood/early adulthood to waiting for school to start. It has been a very interesting ride and I don’t think I would really change any of it if I could. :;):
I would be glad to answer any questions/offer any advice/render encouragement.

What a great and encouraging story JmE.
If you don’t mind telling, where are you going to med school?

Thanks. :)
I will be attending OUCOM.

Greetings from a fellow homeschooler!
Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to posting with you. :D

Hi there,
What a great story! Congratulations on your acceptance and welcome to the world of not being bored for the rest of your life. :)