Long Gap in Undergrad Years - To What Extent is Upward GPA Trend Recognized?

Hello guys! My name is Eugene and I’m a long-time listener to Ryan’s podcasts, but finally joined the forum today.

In my early 20’s I decided to pursue an acting career in NYC rather than complete my Bachelor’s degree (without much success, although you may have been subjected to some of my voiceover work while stuck in traffic). At that time I was immature, unfocused, unmotivated, and without much of a clue where I belonged in the world, and my GPA from those years reflects that (2.8).

After a ten year gap and now in my mid-30’s, a series of life events has me certain that I’m on the right path to complete my degree and serve others as a physician. I’m back in school full time completing the pre-reqs and although I’m fairly new to my school, I’ve earned 4 A’s and one B+ and have no reason to doubt this trajectory will continue. My question is: To what extent will admissions committees look at my current chunk of time in school as carrying more weight than my teenage years and early 20s? This is clearly an upward trend and I would hope that these grades for these classes would have more bearing on an admissions decision. Thanks so much!