Longer than I thought :/

I’m blabbing here but what do you all think…

As a single mom w out much support from anyone I completed a degree with 210 credits and 2.6 GPA 4 yrs ago. These credits are all over the place from teaching courses, nursing courses, even premed courses and lastly sociology courses.

Since I have sooo many credits for that degree making A’s hardly makes my cGPA budge. This is why I would apply DO only. Some science classes were already retaken during my undergrad and I will attempt to make up for 2 consecutive bad grades. How bad does that look?

Lastly, since I was so indecisive during my undergrad, courses are not necessarily pre med courses but still low grades (c and D’s and even 3 Fs). Should I retake those and any other courses regardless?

Now that you know this about my transcript and if this were you and you knew it would take about 3+ years to make up for horrible grades, would you still do it?

All I need is support from people who know what it would take. I know I want this more than anything and I know that my husband would support me 100%. I just have to lay it out and show him how much longer this is actually going to take and that it is even REALISTIC to pursue this.

Any comments are appreciated even if they are negative. thx

Here’s what I would say. Honestly, I would suggest taking a serious look at why you were not academically successful. Perhaps a lot of that was being unsure what you wanted to do.

Have you shadowed a physician, or do you have experience in the medical field that had convinced you that really want to pursue medicine?

If you are sure of your goals, can you identify any barriers to being successful academically (ADHD, learning disabilities, adequate time for studying, reading speed). If so, do you have a plan for addressing them?

Finally, I would NOT suggest redoing courses outside of coursework that directly relates to medical school. Taking a two year, formal post-bacc program might give you the opportunity to demonstrate an excellent post-bacc GPA (which will show up separately as well as being figured into your overall gpa). That would be your chance to demonstrate a turn-around. As well, a formal program will provide you with help in scheduling classes or preferential enrollment in the courses you need, and pre-med counseling and preparation that might help you maintain a straight-line push towards your goal. There are 1 year post-bacc programs, but I would not recommend them because they tend to have some condensed courses in the summer, and also be less flexible about substituting classes that you do not need to repeat.

Hope that is helpful -wanted to give you some points to consider in your planning.

Best of luck and keep us posted!