Looking for Study Buddy/Partner to work with

I am looking for a study buddy/partner to work with if anyone Is interested please feel free to contact me, I currently live in Upper Marlboro Maryland but would be willing to work with anyone anywhere that is truly serious about getting into medical school. I am still taking Prerequisites and trying to understand the application process while building my overall picture into the best non-traditional student I can be. My schools of choice are Howard University College of Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine and George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences I am planning to tailor my application, resume, and personal statement for these specific schools, if you are interested in working with me that would be great, like minds working together on the journey is sure to improve our chances of success. I would really like it if you were interested in the same schools that I am as that would be great to go from meeting here on the forum to actually ending up in first year Medical School together but I am willing to work with anyone interested in sticking this out threw the long haul.

Hello. I’m in Bethesda MD, and just attended the DC conference. Am interested to be a partner with you. Which year do you plan to apply: 09? 10? How to contact you?

Great I am shooting for 2010; I am looking to take the MCAT in April of 2009, I also attended the conference in DC you might have send me there I will send you my contact information shortly