Looking to speak to non-trad that is now practicing


I’m a 39 year old who is on the non-trad track. I’ve had a reasonably successful “first career” working in the business world, but feel unfulfilled and have been working towards medicine.

I’ve completed 2.5 years of pre-reqs and retaking classes from college. I took the MCAT. I’ve put myself in a pretty good position to get into medical school and currently have 5 interviews scheduled for Aug/Sept.

Now comes the really hard part…the fork in the road…and the true decision to “jump off” my current career and make the commitment for the next 7 or 8 or 9 years of my life, complicated with wife, kids, and just the responsibilities of a 39 year old.

I don’t know if they are lurking on this board, but I’d REALLY like to chat with a couple of folks who have (past tense) done it. Those that had the fork in the road and made the decision…good or bad…and now in medicine can chat with me about their experience and “fulfillment” or “lack there of”.

PM requested and I’ll trade a phone number.


I’m new here and in a similar boat (38 and considering the big leap). I know you’re looking for advise from those who have gone before - I just wanted to say I found reading some of the diaries on this forum to be tremendously helpful. May be worth a check while you await replies. Best wishes in your road ahead.

I’d be happy to speak with you. My story is a little different; waited until my son was in college before starting down the path, but no regrets either waiting that long or dropping everything and taking the plunge. I’m in family medicine, time is about equally divided between clinic practice and associate program director for academic-based residency program in the Southeast. I wish I had more non-trads in my program. PM me and I’ll respond.

Hi all !

I’m new here so be gentle…

I have the same doubts and wonders about the big leap i’ve already taken.I recently quit a job in a non-medical field to return to school while working part-time in the medical field to gain clinical experience. I’m a 3rd year physics undergrad and I often worry will it all be worth it. I make half of what I was making before returning to school. My savings is dwindling and I stress about not getting into med school which is my dream. I’m happy that this forum addresses these fears