LOR from employer

What is the consensus about letters of recommendation from employers?

Would the letter still be relevant if the job is not in the health care field?

Absolutely… the schools I am applying to all require at least 2 (and some 3) lors from science faculty, but allow up to 3 additional letters. All the admissions folks I’ve spoken with strongly encourage me, as a non-trad in corporate America, to use those additional 3 letters to showcase my skills. My manager, my manager’s manager’s manager, and a national director in another department I work closely with are all writing for me… to attest to communication, problem solving, leadership skills… the ability to function well on a team (and also lead that team when called upon), professionalism, etc. etc.

Those skills translate across all business types. If you are a leader, you lead. If you can solve problems effectively, then you’re a problem solver. and so on… so those letters can help fill in the gaps and nicely round out your application!!

When I applied I had two letters from former employers, and I know at least one of the schools drew from those letters and mentioned things they liked.

If you know your employer can and will say great things about you then without a doubt get a letter from them.