LORs, Experience. Application Confusion!

After reading many of the threads, I am confused about the chain of events as far as my application. I submitted my application, then realized I will have to retake the August MCAT. I'm not to worried about raising my score, but will the schools know I am retaking, or are they going to throw out my application when they see my first scores??? How does this work?
Second question: I see many already have their LORs ready to go. I was under the impression that we didn't get those until the schools asked for them? I know that my state school doesn't actually ask for a letter, they just have a form that they ask the evaluators to fill out and submit with the secondary. That being said, I am applying to 9 other schools as well, so should I go ahead and start getting letters lined up? What is the best method for organizing this?
Okay, third and final question: Is there any way to let medical schools know of a knew volunteer experience that I didn't know about when I submitted my application? I will be working as a CPR/first aid instructor for the Red Cross - I feel this would look pretty good, but it is too late to add it to my AMCAS.
Any thoughts on all this would be greatly appreciated. Now back to studying physics (yet again…)
- Angie

Unless you specified on the AMCAS that you will be taking the August exam, schools will just use your April scores. I don't know the best way to correct this but perhaps you can contact the schools individually.
Typically you don't send letters of recommendation until the schools ask for them (although some schools will accept them before they ask). But you should have notified your recommenders that you will be needing letters of recommendation.
One way to let schools know about a new experience is on the secondary application (if applicable for a particular school) or during the interview. I doubt that this one activity will make or break you in terms of a secondary application or interview invitation.
Good luck with everything.

Letters of Rec are tricky. Some profs will write them and keep them on file somewhere ahead of time. Some will not, and prefer to write them when they need to. Can't push that too far. Some schools with formal committees for advising have another system in place. Mostly, when you get a secondary they will give you instrux on letters of rec. Some specifically DO NOT want them ahead of secondaries! Hopefully the people you ask will not take more than 2 weeks to write it and get it sent.
You should be asking people if they will write them, but I found that one must be careful, I have a prof that won't write them ahead of time or keep them on file and another who was pleased to write it ahead of time and give a floppy to the secretary to have printed at my will. Gotta just read people sometimes.
As far as the CPR stuff, (that's very cool) and you will have the opportunity to add it in at secondaries or interviews.
Wendy M

Creighton, Washington University and Yale do not screen the AMCAS application. If you are applying to any of these schools they are accepting secondaries already it says so on their web page. I have already filled out their online secondy, asked pre-med advisor to send LOR's and sent money with passport pic (Creighton and Wash U)…

Hello again -
Thank you all for your friendly replies. I am a bit more relaxed now as this process is moving along. I am getting secondaries and have found ways to inform schools of the information I indicated. By the way, to anyone else who wonders, after two weeks or so I finally found out from AMCAS that it is not necessary to inform schools if you have decided (post-certification) to take the August MCAT. They will receive an updated application from AMCAS in mid-October when scores are released. That being said, I have still been mentioning it when I send in my secondary fees.
Is this process grueling or what? More essays, fees, photos…will it ever end??? Good luck to all the other applicants out there! Angie

Although schools will get the update from AMCAS, I would absolutely tell them that you are re-sitting the MCAT, as Angie is doing. It could make a difference in how they consider your file in the early stages - for example, if they like everything else they see, but the earlier MCAT really gives them pause, they may keep your app on the top of the pile (so to speak), hoping to see an improved MCAT from August because they'd really like to talk to you. It could make a difference in how soon you're contacted for an interview.
Whereas if you don't let them know this, yeah, they'll eventually find out you did better, but the process might just be considerably slower.
finally, of course AMCAS does eventually transmit everything - it does seem to be one part of the process where it goes pretty smoothly - but bottom line do you want to trust AMCAS or do you want to be sure you are taking the initiative to keep schools informed on your own? That's a no-brainer.