Loving Medical Students

I love medical students. My doc precepts alot of med students. We have about 4-5 a year. I think this one is number 9 in the almost three years I have been there.

What I love the most, is watching things through their eyes. I have had med student with me for my last 5 deliveries. I love walking them through their first pap smears. I love walking them through management plans. But mostly I love picking their brains about thinks that as a nurse practitioner I don’t have a strong background in.

With every student I learn as much as I teach. What is nice is in our practise is just my doc and my self so sometimes med student is with me and sometimes he is with my doc. I always try to point out differences between the NP and the Doc when he is with me. Going over things that I know but consult with my doc because of my degree. Having a student always makes me think i know more than i give myself credit for knowing. But it is cool to have to reexplain the pathology of this or that.

What is cool is this med student thinks it is wonderful that i am going back to school. I have stayed in contact with most of the students that have rotated with us. I just think of all the LOR’s I will have when the time comes.

Now back to studing chem. Test on tuesday. I just hate that we finished the unit on tuesday. started the new one on tuesday will continue it on thursday and will not test until tuesday.

now to learn how to make the calculator do log; ln; and raise to powers. daughter loaned me her ti83. way cool. does lots but of course she didn’t have the instruction book.

Good night everyone


a midwife who wants more

On behalf of medical students past / present and future - thanks for your enthusiasm and support.

Our clinic is hopefully going to be part of a core rotation site for UNECOM starting next year and I am looking forward to working with students

If you really need the instruction book for your calculator, TI offers the manuals free of charge in .pdf format to download. You can figure out a lot on your own, I’m sure, but they are pretty neat machines with all they can do. I think you can find your model here.


I was at my FP the other day for some stuff, and she has a 4th year from the Caribean during a rotation currently. He and I hit it off from the start.

Before she came in, he did the H&P and we began a great conversation. He loves his school and would not change it for the world. I only wished he was not leaving for his next rotation so soon,or we would get together for some starbucks!

Anyhow, he kind of spent too much time in the room, they sent looking for him. But I felt almost like I was conducting an interview myself. He was more than willing and eager to answer anything I may have wanted to know. I found this refrshing, meaning, he did not try to brush me off and say “I’ve gotta go” or " I don’t have the time"

He even came back later and we continued our conversation. Then I began to feel a little guilty. But, my FP is the same way, but it was so much better in the sense he is going through this now, so IMHO he can relate a little closer to my level…Just wanted to add this here!!!

ln and log should be right there on the calculator. If they aren’t on the actual button push the function button that matches the color of the writing. With a TI 83 I think it’s just the “second” key (I have an 84 so it’s diff).

Regarding raising powers, depending on the calculator determines what you do. There should be a button that has this on it… ^ it’s like a triangle missing the bottom. Punch in the number you want to raise like 10 to the whatever power. And press “10^3” that is 10 to the third power.

Doing scientific notation is a bit diff, but I can walk you through that too.

Hope this helps!