Low gpa....thinking about a master degree

Hey Dr. Gray
I am a recent listener to your podcast. Few months in and i have a question. So i graduated HS back in 2006 and i enrolled at a community college and i performed horrible. I dropped classes, failed and retook so many of the prereq courses. It got to a point where i even got into restriction and that when i hit rock bottom. I decided that my desire and my dream of becoming a doctor was much stronger and during that time I went into a medical assistant program because I was tired of working in factories and fast food restaurant. In 2011, i finished my medical assistant program with a 3.9 gpa and landed a job at an urgent care. Took myself back to finish my associates and did an alright job my last two semester at the community college. Transfer to a 4 year college and finished my bachelor with a 3.7 gpa and magna cum laude honors. I recently went on to talk to the assistant dean of admission at New Jersey medical school and she suggested that even with a high MCAT score the committee may be hesitant about my application due to my poor grades at a community college (my GPA was a 2.8) and I should do a masters degree. I been work as a medical assistant for almost 6 years. I voluntered at a local hospital and i was a soccer coach in my town. I am currently studying to take my MCAT in 2019 (with NEXT STEP self pace course) but I am still deciding if I should at least apply in 2019 even after the assistant dean suggested to do a masters degree. I always wanted to become a physician and I know I will not stop into I finally become one but is it worth applying 2019 and hope one school looks at me more than my stats or should I still go ahead and do a master degree to strengthen my application?