Low Undergrad GPA/DETC BA

My undergrad was at a DETC BA, I got into an ABA JD later. I had around a 2.25 in the BA since I did it while working overtime and didn’t take it at all as seriously as I should have.

My questions are about both part of it.

I know many places don’t accpet DETC Undergrad, but do you think my ABA JD will make up for that?

And if so would any of the DETC classes count towards my prereqs?

When it comes to GPA doe htey only factor in premed prereqs (which I mostly still have to do)

or the whole undergrad?

Only Undergrad credits satisfy the pre-reqs, so your JD will likely not make up for that.

I don’t know what DETC is. All I know is that you must have taken your classes at a US accredited institution, and have courses show up with numbers, title and credit hours.

As for GPA for med school application, everything is counted. Here is a breakdown of mine from TMDSAS (texas application system)

GPA is calculated only after an application is submitted.

Overall GPA: 3.71

Overall Science GPA: 4.00

Undergrad GPA: 4.00

Undergrad Science GPA: 4.00

Undergrad Non-Science GPA: 4.00

Graduate Total GPA: 3.51

Graduate Science GPA: 0.00

Graduate Non-Science GPA: 3.51

DETC = Distance Education and Training Council, a national accreditation agency. Contrary to typical logic, regional accreditation for a college or university is considered superior to national accreditation in this country. As I remember, several states require for a medical license 2 to 3 years of premedical studies to be completed at a regionally accredited college or university. But I do know of an American medical school that has accepted graduates from Bob Jones University, a non-regionally accredited university.

Your JD will NOT count towards your prereqs and/or GPA. It is considered professional degree and GPA is calculated separately

So am I totally femured here? (trying to keep it clean but you know what I mean)

Will it help at all if I sit the bar first to prove I am not a complete idiot? (even though non-medical stil academic)

My personal opinion is that since it does not sound like your plan is to practice as an attorney in the near future, you should not waste the time or energy to sit the bar. It is likely that you will need to take prereq courses to fulfill the admission requirement, which will be a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your academic ability to adcoms. In combination with an excellent MCAT score, your door to med school is still open. Don’t give up if you know medicine is for you.

Thanks Applepie, I will consider that.

I guess my concern is how they will factor in the GPA and if 120 credits at around a 2.25 can be overcome.

Also, since I’ve already graduate my BA how will the prereqs be factored in GPA wise?

Will it count if I go back to undergrad to get a second degree (applying my first to electives in theory)

would it work if I did the postbach option, or would they view that the same as any other grad school and not factor it into GPA?