Lurker with questions

Hello one and all, yes I have been a lurker, but have finally come out of the shadows.

A little about me: I am 42 I have a BS in bio and it was premed. Unforturnately it was 11 year ago. I have been working as a PTA for the last 17 years. I finally decided that I need to follow my dream.

I am wondering if I should retake my classes or just the second half of the year to show that I can still do school. BTW I graduated(11 years ago) with a GPA of 3.54. I also know that I need to get LOR but not sure if “other” LOR will be good or if need to get professors. Am thinking about D.O. as I know they look at all aspects of life in their acceptance. Any word of wisdom???

While there is no consistent rule, I am seeing more and more schools putting in a 10 year limit on classes. If you got your degree 11 years ago, that means your freshman classes are 15 years old. Biology especially has changed significantly over the past decade, My suggested would be to take a large percentage of the courses over to show that you still the academic ability to handle them as well get some preparation for the MCAT