Made it through 1st year YAHOO!

Made it through 1st year! Found out today I passed Biochem! YAHOO!

At my school we have 1st year MD1 and MD2 and then 2nd year MD3 and MD4 then USLME and clinicals.

So MD1 done, MD2 done, Hello MD3!


It must feel great to pass yet another major milestone. How do you begin to prepare for USLME?

Does your coursework prepare you for the exam, or do you have to do extra preparation for the test inadvance. If so, when do you start preparing in earnest for the test?


I’m starting this weekend, 2nd year for me starts in 2 weeks so I will study when I get some extra time.

I also get 3 months to prepare starting next April when I graduate from Basic Sci. here, April to end of July then I’ll take it in Aug. I’ll start 3rd year in Sept right after the USLME. there are some rotations I can do until the scores come back.


Congrats, I knew you could do it!!


Caribbean, while not mosts first choice a school like this is a fast pace, 3 semesters a year and Basic Sci (which is normaly 24 months) is 16 months. How do we do it? Hardly any time for a break! This break is only 9 days! we ended Monday the 21st and orientation is on Fri the 1st! I’m in SGA and helping with the new students during the break! LOL It is going so FAST!