Making the Journey

Hello, fellow OPMs. After plenty of soul searching and praying, I have decided that I am going to try and apply for med school. So add me to the list, OPMs, because I am joining in! I am so excited and scared at the same time. Tomorrow, I am going to meet my advisor and change my major to chemistry with an emphasis in premed, so I am looking forward to my appointment!

Welcome, and best of luck

I’m excited for you. You have a great experience ahead of you. Keep the questions coming as you start these early days.

Hi. I certainly appreciate the welsome. I have been reading the threads, and this is a wonderful site with everyone being so supportive and not rude.

I am so thrilled about starting this journey. There are times when I am a little scared but I am happy that I am actually pursuing my dream. After all, you only live once, right?

Anyway, the way my advisor is telling me, I can finish my bachelor’s in chemistry in 2 years. That is if I become a fulltime student. Oh my. Looks like I have to give up a few of my work hours…or not. I’ll have to see.

This is what my schedule will look like for the rest of the year:


Calculus 1

Organic Chem 1 lecture

Summer 2:

Organic 2 lecture


Physics 1 (lecture and lab)

Calculus 2

Biology 1 (lecture and lab)

Organic Chem 1 lab

I don’t plan on transferring to our main campus until fall of this year, and I’m actually dreading it since I have to commute to school for an hour or so (depending on the traffic.) Hence, I might have to cut my work hours. But I think it will be doable.

Not sure how good you are in math but your schedule TO ME seems a bit too ambitious. Organic is no joke. Regardless what I said in the other post about it I wouldn’t recommend taking it over the summer and not with calculus.

You might be shooting yourself in the foot.

I agree with Crooz. Do you WANT to major in chemistry? If so, great - and you’re probably somewhat under the gun to get orgo out of the way since it’s going to be a prerequisite for so many other required classes for your major.

If I remember your original posts correctly, you do already have a degree, is that right? Why do you need the second bachelor’s? Sorry if I’m confusing things. I just feel compelled to point out that doing organic chemistry over the summer is a very, very drastic and desperate step that should only be considered as a last resort. Usually there is a better alternative.


Yes, I already have a bachelor’s in biology. Unfortunately, my state university does NOT recognize it in any shape or form. The university only recognizes degrees from here and Canada, and that’s it. This really isn’t the first time it happened because a state school in Louisiana where I used to reside didn’t recognize it either, which is how I ended up getting an associate’s degree in clinical lab sciences. I had figured back then that I needed clinical exposure and plus I love the concept of it. Also, I was able to finish quicker and get a job upon graduation.

Next to biology, chemistry has always been my favorite. It is abstract but it has been a great interest to me.

I have my reasons to take organic chem this summer as well as calculus. I would like to take calculus so I can take the physics since they are pre-requisite of each other. I actually just finished a calculus class a month ago, and received an A even when the class was only taught in 8 weeks. Unfortunately, this class was only for non-chem majors. I only took this class since it was a pharmacy pre-requisite. Now that I am a chem major, I do need to take two 3 calculus classes, where 2 of them have labs.

As for the organic chemistry, I have taken this before. The professor who will teach this class is a wonderful teacher. He’s actually my general chem I and II teacher. I made an A in the gen. chem I and currently have an A in general chem II. I am familiar with his style of teaching and methods so I think I will be okay.

The classes are in the mornings and end around 2pm, M-Th. So…I have the rest of the afternoon and evenings to study. I don’t have any children so my studies will have my undivided attention. Now my boyfriend might feel a little neglected this summer but he understands what I need to do.

BUT…I do know that if things get a little too crazy for me…then I will withdraw from one of my classes. Now I’ve never dropped any classes before since I usually stick with it until the end. And yes, since I know many W’s might look bad…I won’t make a habit of it.

Anyway, I really appreciate you guys for looking after me and giving me advice. So thanks.