Match 2011

Well, just got my first residency interview.

Congrats!!! It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Are you just applying to DO programs or are you also applying to some MD programs?

applying to both DO and MD.

If you’re not adverse to the midwest, Michigan has several programs that do MD/DO both (MD match, though) and the MSU programs work it so that DOs don’t have to do an extra year. We have 5 out of 20 in our class that are DOs.

It is not me, but the boss said we are not moving so I am looking at placed within a 1 hour radius of my house.

Thanks for the tip though.

congratulations Gabe!

I still haven’t started on my ERAS application. And it’s due in a week!!! I mean I can submit it as early as Sept 1st, and I do intend to submit it early! So I guess I have a busy week ahead!!!

Still to do: my personal statement is way too long, so i have to chop it to hell in the next two days. My dream list of internal medicine programs has

1 Austin

3 Baltimore

6 Los Angeles-Long Beach

1 New Orleans

5 NYC-Newark

2 Philadelphia

2 Providence-Pawtucket

3 Washington, DC

5 Boston

The internal medicine advisor here is so droll. He met with me today, looked at the list, and said, “You’re COASTAL.”

Congrats, Gabe! And good luck to you, Matt, Kasia, and all the others. 2 months into residency here and loving every minute of it.

Gabriel, what are you applying in?

I just noticed residency interview season is starting.


I guess I got kinda busy as an intern. Good luck to everyone!

We just had some interviewees at HLRMC. I have to admit, I hadn’t thought much about it until they started interviewing. I think residency is keeping me too busy!

Good luck to you all!