Match Day Announcements 20 March 2008

OK senior med students, here is the place for you to display your glory! Feel free to brag & strut where you matched. We are all anxious to learn which lucky programs will have OPM alumni within their ranks.

I matched into Family Medicine at St Anthony’s in Westminster, CO, my #1 choice.

Congrats, Meow!

Congrats, Meowmix! I’m very happy for you. I attended our match day ceremonies earlier. Can’t wait until I get to experience that!

Woooo-hooooo! Glad to welcome another OPM to the ranks of FM! My wish for you is that you have at LEAST as much fun as I continue to have. It’s hard work, long hours, and underappreciated, but I still love what I do and love to go to work each day. Congratulations.



Congratulations Meowmix!! Can’t wait for next year, when I am sitting by the computer just waiting for my match!

Congratulations Meowmix! I was wondering what you were up to and would be matching in. I’m so happy for you!

Sweet! How many times did you sit & wonder if this day would ever come?


congrats!!! My turn next year

I posted elsewhere but…

I “suicide matched” in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics (“Med-Peds”) here in Wichita.

Funny, I just felt it in my bones… I needed to “DO” the PICU, critical kids just turn my crank. I understand the feelings of those “around” the bed, powerless, out of control and in the dark… (a similar skill set for an ex hospice nurse)


IM - Gundersen Lutheran in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Congratulations Efex!!

Sweet! Isn’t this the one you told was like the hidden diamond of your interview journey? WI is a gorgeous! And who can bitch about beer, brats, beer, cheese, beer & the Packers…and beer!

Yup, it is an awesome place and a great program to train at and for sure a hidden gem.

Awesome! Congrats, Judith .

Congratulations guys!!!

Congratulations, Efex! So you must have taken a liking to the Midwest, it sounds like!

congrats to all senior med students!

4 more years…


thanks everyone for the nice congratulations. I truly never thought I would get to this point (including many days at the beginning of MS1 where I wondered what I had done…)