MATCH Lawsuit

Today we received via email a letter from AAMC Student and Resident reps about the lawsuit that has been filed against the match. It is defending the match and saying how the lawsuit will harm medical students and residents, endanger our education, etcetera, and pointed out the strenghts and reasons for the match. However, I really know very little about the lawsuit or why it was filed, and would like to know both sides of the story. Anyone out there have more info, opinions, anything so I can be a little more informed?
I do know one thing I had heard-- starting next year, I think, the residencies have to reveal the contracts the residents would have to sign BEFORE the deadline for submitting your residency choices-- that only makes sense to me, I would never have guessed that they didn’t reveal that before, as I would think that would be part of the decision making process in selecting a residency. I think that decision was made in an attempt to ward off the lawsuit, because I would think that hiding the contract until one was committed to the residency choice really does seem coercive. But that truly is my extent of knowledge on the topic and I’d be interested in knowing what is really going on.

We also received a copy of this letter. One of my schoolmates sent out this link in his response. The site is sponsored by the plantiffs’ lawyers, I think.
It was interesting to read the legal document.

Thanks, Susan.