Math Question?

Hey folks,

I just had a quick question to pose. I’m starting to take my prerequisites this semester and I was looking over what all is included in your science GPA calculation. Are all math courses taken included in your BCPM? I am curious because I was an undergraduate business major and took College Algebra, Business Calculus, and Business Statistics, and was not sure if these would be included in the BCPM calculation. I am also curious if I should bother taking regular calculus since I have already taken Business Calculus, any thoughts? Thanks in advance for your help.

College algebra definitely is. Not sure about the business ones. Usually if a course is listed as a “business” rather than a “math” on your transcript, they don’t consider them BCPM courses. That being said, I took an A & P course that was listed as a Fire Science Technology course that I thought didn’t count as BCPM according to AMCAS. When AMCAS verified my application, they changed to a BCPM course for me.