MCAT 2015- Full Length Tests

Everyone seems to say that the best way to prep for the MCAT is to take full length practice tests. While there are tons of practice tests for the current version, I can’t find any (except for the ONE offered by AAMC).

Does anyone have any suggestions for where I might be abel to find/purchase more full length practice test for the MCAT 2015? I was planning to self-study…but is it worth it to take a prep-class just to get their materials?


I haven’t looked but had heard there was only one for the 2015 test.

I was far removed from some prereqs and attempted a self-study. I lacked a lot of focus without a schedule or firm syllabus, so I took a commercial course. It was well worth the money for me due to not only the vast amount of resources it offered but also for the test taking strategies it offered.

I believe AAMC will release 2 full-length tests, one available now and one soon.

I am SO ANNOYED by this. They’ve been prepping for and mock testing this new MCAT for years. This is some major shenanigans that they can’t release more tests ahead of time, especially considering every test prep company is just taking a stab in the dark at the best way to prep for the new test. I really can’t believe (but I can, of course) that they’re charging for all of them. It’s such a money grab after raising the exam cost as well.

My program is doing Exam Krackers, and they have their own tests prepped. So does Kapan, I heard.